wedding Block at Topnotch Resort


Please feel free to utilize the wedding block we have reserved at Topnotch Resort by calling:

(800) 451-8686, dial 2, and then say you’re with the Allen-Mitchell wedding

We suggest requesting for an even numbered room for a mountain view.

Topnotch offers a variety of options; ranging from rooms, suites, and home rentals.

For those coming with a group of friends or family, we recommend a home rental as the most cost effective option!

If staying at Topnotch Resort, you will have the luxury of never needing to leave the property.

Topnotch Resort offers a wide variety of activities and indulgences to keep you entertained all weekend long!


Enjoy your stay

Should Topnotch become unavailable or not meet your requirements, other popular hotels/ recommendations:

Stowe Mountain Lodge

Sun & Ski Inn

Green Mountain Inn

Please check out the link below under “Explore Other Hotel Options” for further guidance!

Reach out to Hilary at anytime with any questions!